The Ultimate Guide
to High Traffic Flooring


Before you start any flooring project, check out this guide.

Tackling a flooring project can be daunting, so we wanted to help. We've researched and collected information on everything you might need to know, and then put everything we've learned into a guide just for you.

  • flooring options
  • navigating choices
  • maintenance

The High Traffic Flooring Guide covers:

  • choosing a flooring option: the pros and cons of common materials
  • installation
  • navigating your finishing options
  • daily and long term maintenance
  • and finally, the value of acrylic-infused wood.
Whether you're in the very early stages of planning your next flooring project or getting ready to buy, you'll want to check out this article. Let Nydree help you navigate the designing, purchasing, and maintenance decisions.


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