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Gain CEU Credits FREE of Charge with Nydree

by Jason Brubaker
May 28, 2019

Nydree Flooring is proud to present NWFA continuing education courses registered with organizations that provide continuing education credits to professional architects and designers. The courses are registered with the following organizations:

  • The American Institute of Architects
  • The Interior Design Continuing Education Council
  • American Society of Interior Designers
  • Interior Designers of Canada
  • International Interior Design Association

Members of these organizations must earn continuing education credits in order to maintain licenses. Visit HERE or call (800) 682-5698 to schedule your next CEU course for yourself or for your office with a Nydree representative.

The following courses are available to be taught:

  • HOW CUT AFFECTS APPEARANCES OF WOOD LONG TERM — Recognize how lumber is dried and the process differs depending on saw cut.
  • FROM THE FOREST TO THE FLOOR — Learn how forests are managed and harvested to promote sustainable growth.
  • ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING — Identify the constructions of engineered wood flooring and how it differs from solid wood flooring.
  • CORK, BAMBOO, AND HARDWOOD AS A FLOORING MATERIAL — Learn how the use of these flooring materials improve indoor air quality and describe the routine for long-term care maintenance.
  • BEAUTY, MORE THAN SKIN DEEP MAINTENANCE FOR FLOORS — Explain routine, seasonal and long-term maintenance of wood floors.
  • BACK TO BASICS: WOOD FLOORING 101 — Recognize how hardwood floors react to moisture and learn the types of hardwood floors.
  • WOOD FLOORING TRENDS: WIDE & LONG PLANKS — Understand the differences among strip, plank, and parquet. Learn to identify the availability and limitations of each trend along with its limitations and performance.
  • WOOD FLOORING SPECIES — Understand the properties of wood that affect its appearance and its long-term performance as a flooring material. Learn to recognize the characteristics of wood as organic material.
  • WOOD FLOORING IN COMMERCIAL SPACES — Learn the physical properties and characteristics of hardwood and softwood. Recognize the variable that should be considered when the wood flooring is being used in commercial space.