Senior Living

Wood Flooring That Stands the Test of Time

Up to 300% harder than natural wood to stand the test of time

Senior living facilities are all about recreating the comfort of home. Moving into assisted living or nursing homes can be a difficult time of transition for families, so designing a warm and inviting space is almost as important as the care your facility offers. However, while you want the design to mimic a residential space, you should be careful to specify a floor that can stand up to the consistent movement of residents, furniture, and machines.

That’s why you need strong, durable flooring. It’s why you need Nydree. Our acrylic-infused engineered wood flooring is up to 300% harder than natural wood, and independent studies show that our finish surpasses that of all other wood flooring when it comes to scratch and wear resistance. That means your designs will stand the test of time.


Nydree acrylic wood flooring brings you:

Durability in design:

When you install Nydree in your senior living facility, the quality is obvious. Even after years of foot traffic from residents and visitors and rearranging furniture between residents, your floors and wood stairs will still look beautiful and new. Use Nydree anywhere you want to reduce the chipping or denting you normally experience with regular wood.

Design flexibility:

Nydree has in-house experts trained in custom color creation. Nydree’s state-of-the-art color matching technology allows designers to submit a paint, fabric or furniture swatch to draw out a specific color to match or create a one-of-a-kind floor.

Nydree has installation flexibility as well—Nydree flooring can be used above, at or below grade and can be glued to a variety of subfloors.

Lower life-cycle costs:

Compared to natural wood or vinyl, Nydree engineered wood flooring is significantly less expensive to own over the lifetime of the installation since it’s infused with acrylic, repair and refinishing costs are dramatically lower because it requires less care and virtually no replacement.

Avoid a specification failure.

The success or failure of every specification you make during the design phase lives on long after the project is complete. Product failures can damage a firm’s reputation and become a financial disaster. The true cost of a flooring failure is not just in the replacement; many properties must close while the new floor is installed, resulting in a loss of revenue and a logistical nightmare. Specify Nydree and your residents (and reputation) will thank you for years to come.



With Nydree, you can opt for a classic smooth finish or a wire brush finish to draw out the subtle texture of the graining. Or, if you are looking for an aged look, our Handcrafted Collection delivers. A variety of patterns and colors allows for limitless design possibilities, creating the foundation for a breathtaking destination.

  • classic smooth

  • wire brush

Designed and Built in the USA

Sourced from the highest quality materials and wood species from around the world, Nydree flooring is designed, assembled and finished right here on US soil to create a product that’s worthy of its reputation for superior performance, delivery and installation.