The Nydree Global Health Initiative

The Nydree Global Health Initiative is the umbrella under which Nydree seeks to lead product manufacturers in building products that are both healthy for people and healthy for the planet. We believe in creating beautiful products that are low emitting with a net zero carbon impact on the planet sourced from sustainable forests while being transparent in those efforts. The interrelationship between healthy products and a healthy planet is inextricably linked and Nydree is honored to play a vital role in making both the built environment and created world a more healthy place for people to live and enjoy.

The Nydree Global Health Initiative

Climate Mission Statement

Nydree is committed to manufacturing the most sustainable wood flooring in the world and aspires to be a leader in carbon reduction in the wood flooring industry. Nydree will continue to seek out and maintain rigorous third party verification and testing of its products every year to remain transparent and innovative as a leader in the wood flooring category. We invite other engineered wood flooring manufacturers to join us in making sustainability a top priority and bringing more transparency to the industry with credible certifications.

Health Product Declaration

Interior spaces in the built environment are among the most important areas to utilize products that are not only strong and durable but healthy for human occupants. Nydree believes that owners and specifiers deserve to know what’s in their product, and we are being forthcoming with transparency by way of third party verification in this important area.

Verified Health Product Declaration

FloorScore Certification

Low emitting materials are an important part of meeting green building standards such as LEED v4. Nydree is committed to producing low emitting wood flooring with confidence from independent testing to ensure safer, healthier work and home environments. Through an annual third party audit Nydree shows its commitment in this area through FloorScore Certification.

floor score

Environmental Product Declaration

An EPD is the most robust multi-attribute transparent report that communicates what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment. The impact of building materials on the climate are assessed through the complete analysis of manufacturing processes and procedures that take into consideration the full range of carbon emissions - from freight on raw materials to energy usage and product life span and consumption. Nydree’s EPD is third party verified SCS Global Services.

Third Party Verified EPD

Carbon Neutral

Nydree’s engineered hardwood flooring is currently undergoing Carbon Neutral Certification with SCS Global Services. This demonstrates leadership and commitment to decarbonization and neutralization. This certification will ensure that we are taking responsibility for our products’ environmental impacts by first reducing the carbon footprint and then investing in verified offset projects that mitigate carbon from the atmosphere for the remainder of the footprint. A carbon neutral footprint is achieved when the sum of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced are offset by natural carbon sinks or carbon credits.

Technical Resources

Explore the Caring for Our Environment section on our Technical Resources page to dive deeper into Nydree's commitment to sustainability. Here you can download certifications, reports, and white papers.