Maverick Collection

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Nydree's full range of materials retail between $10 to $16 per ft2

Available Plank Widths
8.268” (210mm)

8.268” (210mm)

The Maverick Collection takes Nydree’s sought after high performance to the next level. Large condominium, apartment, hotel guest room, and commercial spaces are often forced to choose between cost and performance. The Maverick Collection bridges the gap by offering world class performance, fast installation, and value pricing all delivered by the Nydree name you’ve come to trust. Maverick material prices range from $4 to $6 per square foot, excluding freight. For specific pricing and volume discounts please click here.

Available Colors
  • Keswick (Oak)
  • Vienna (Oak)
  • Ivy (Oak)
  • Bridgewater (Oak)
  • Roanoke (Oak)
  • Harrisonburg (Oak)
  • Richmond (Oak)
  • Waynesboro (Ash)
  • Lexington (Ash)
  • Lynchburg (Walnut)
  • Arlington (Walnut)
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Installation Gallery

Trouble-free wood floors

Indents and wear marks are factors that stop people from installing a wood floor in their home or commercial space. Another factor is fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions, causing individual boards to shrink and ultimately crack.

A floor with the Woodura® surface leaves you with much less worries. No more indents from high heels, toys or dropped objects, and no more wear marks from running pets or children's toys. With outstanding impact and wear resistance, these easily installed floors are suitable for virtually every room in a home or commercial space.

The wide and long format is an unbeatable look at a value oriented price.

Inspiring spaces

Just like solid wood, every single wood plank is unique. Woodura® provides an opportunity to enhance the unique character of wood by combining different wood plank qualities with powder mixes in different colors.

Whether you want to give your space a contemporary, vintage or industrial feel, a floor with Woodura® can help.

Enhancing nature

In addition to its technological advantages, Woodura® is also a sustainable way to extend natural wood into more spaces by extending the usefulness of every tree. By using thin wood sheets instead of solid wood, a considerably larger amount of products can be produced from every square foot of wood.

Product construction

1. Factory UV cured urethane finish

2. Natural White Oak wear layer

3. Wood-based powder layer

4. High-quality moisture-resistant High Density Fiberboard

5. Wood-based powder layer

6. Spruce veneer backing layer

Installation system

5G® Fold Down
5G secures installation with a visible and audible locking function. When a panel is folded down, a flexible plastic tongue is pushed into a tongue groove. As the panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a ”click” sound and locks the product vertically.

5G® is a patented technology invented by Välinge Innovation AB. The 5G® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Välinge Innovation AB and any use of such marks is under license.

Plank Width
8.268” (210mm)
Available Lengths
86.61” (2200mm)
Plank Thickness
0.441" (11.2mm)
Available Finish
UV-Cured Urethane
European White Oak