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Extreme Dent Resistance.
Fast Installation.

Among the many markets we serve, multifamily residences could be considered one of the fastest-growing markets. More and more people are looking at these buildings as home. And like any other home, they expect beautiful design, one that they are happy to come home to at the end of the day.

However, we know that developers, interior designers, and building occupants are concerned with long-term costs, such as maintenance and repairs, along with the speed of installation, high performance and acoustical properties.

All of Nydree’s Maverick Collection wood flooring is 100% authentic wood flooring strengthened with the added benefit of Woodura® technology. This means a real wood floor at a value driven price point perfect for your next multi-family project.

The Maverick Collection takes Nydree’s sought after high performance to the next level. Large condominium, apartment, hotel guest room, and commercial spaces are often forced to choose between cost and performance. The Maverick Collection bridges the gap by offering world class performance, fast installation, and value pricing all delivered by the Nydree name you’ve come to trust. Maverick material prices range from $4 to $6 per square foot, excluding freight. For specific pricing and volume discounts please click here.

Nydree's Maverick wood flooring gives you:

Durability in design:

Residents and owners of multifamily residences want minimal maintenance, and they shouldn’t have to worry about the wear and tear of their floors. Choosing Nydree flooring for your multifamily residence is a smart investment that will keep your homes safe and worry-free. For a truly home-like feel, Nydree wood can be used not only for flooring but as wall treatments, and even on ceilings, for added warmth, no matter what space you’re looking to design. Nydree flooring will ensure even the highest traffic areas will remain like new for years to come.

Design flexibility:

Our Maverick Collection color options are flexible and easy to use. We have in-house color experts ready to help you choose the right products for your color design and flooring ideas.

Because Nydree's Maverick Collection is so flexible, it can be used on floors or walls. In a sought after 8.25" wide and long length European White Oak plank Maverick offers an unbeatable aesthetic.

Lower lifecycle costs:

Compared to alternative flooring like natural or vinyl, Nydree wood flooring is significantly less expensive to own over the lifetime of the installation, as its infusion with acrylic makes repair and refinishing costs dramatically lower. Not only that, you get all the beauty advantages of traditional wood but with 300% more durability. Nydree flooring is also low gloss. Scuffs, scratches and dirt are less noticeable than on high gloss floors, making acrylic wood flooring the superior choice for high traffic areas and particularly suitable for multifamily residences. This also saves your clients time, allowing multifamily residence tenants to spend more quality time enjoying their homes worry-free (and means less stress for your maintenance department).

Avoid a specification failure.

The success or failure of every specification you make during the design phase lives on long after the project is complete. Product failures can damage your reputation and become a financial disaster. The true cost of a flooring failure is not just in the replacement; many properties must close while the new floor is installed, resulting in a loss of revenue and a logistical nightmare.

Specify Nydree and your residents (and reputation) will thank you for years to come.


Since 2019, we have offered the Maverick collection, specially created to bridge the gap by offering world-class performance, fast installation and value pricing all delivered by the Nydree name you’ve come to trust. Maverick flooring uses a Woodura® surface which provides outstanding impact and wear resistance. Plus, it provides an opportunity to enhance the unique character of wood by combining different wood plank qualities with powder mixes in different colors. With a variety of patterns and colors allowing for limitless design possibilities, we create the foundation for a breathtaking destination.

In addition to its technological advantages, Maverick is also a sustainable way to bring real wood interior design into our homes. By using thin wood surface layers instead of solid wood, 10 times more flooring can be produced from the same amount of lumber compared to traditional engineered wood flooring. Maverick allows you to specify a beautiful wood floor without worrying about hurting the environment.

Designed and Built for You

Sourced from the highest quality materials and wood species from around the world, Nydree acrylic infused flooring is designed, assembled and finished right here on U.S. soil to create a product that’s worthy of its reputation for superior performance, delivery and installation. Maverick is designed and built by Valinge in Sweden by some of the most discerning wood experts in the world.