Magnetic Real Wood Flooring by Nydree

Fast installation. Easy Repair. Design Flexibility.

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Nydree’s Gravitate® magnetic wood flooring brings a new level of simplicity to flooring installation.

1. Roll out the magnetic underlayment (or place the 2' x 2' magnetic tiles)

2. Open boxes of flooring

3. Start laying the planks!

No need to worry if you lay one of the planks in the wrong place; simply pull it up and slide it into the correct position.

No messy adhesive, heavy nail guns or special equipment required!

The perfect solution for a large commercial project, DIY homeowner, raised access floor panels, large multi-family buildings, or temporary spaces requiring speed of installation or easy removal.

The future of flooring

Magnetic and Water Resistant

Our magnetic flooring has a special coating that not only keeps our planks flat but also keeps moisture out. From pet urine to wet boots, rest assured your Nydree Gravitate® magnetic floor will perform for years.

Easily Replace Planks

Did your kids drag a sharp object or rearrange their room for the tenth time only to scratch your new floor? No worries! Simply pull up the damaged planks and pop in the new ones. If you need to cut a plank to the desired length, simply cut with a chop saw and install it right away. No need to pull up planks from the wall to get to the middle of the floor, you can simply pull up a single plank in the middle of the floor and lay in a new one. Perfect solution for homeowners, busy retail stores, or any environment where time is at a premium.

Adhesive Free

Adhesive installations often suffer from adhesive that seeps through planks and turns into a mess on the flooring surface if the wrong trowel size is used. Plus, once most adhesives cure, they are nearly impossible to remove.

With Nydree’s Gravitate® magnetic flooring, you don’t have to lift heavy pails of adhesive, worry about using the correct adhesive trowel size or stress about adhesive curing on the surface.

Cure time is another concern for adhesive based flooring installations, as most require 24 hours to cure before walking on the floor. With Nydree’s magnetic floor, simply install the planks and walk on them immediately! No wait time necessary.

  • 1 Unroll the magnetic underlayment

  • 2. Open boxes of wood flooring

  • 3. Start laying planks!

Perfect for Raised Panel Access Floors

Commercial office spaces, data centers and other interior spaces that have new or existing raised panel access floors don’t have to stress that their subfloor cables will become inaccessible once flooring is glued to the surface.

With Nydree’s Gravitate® magnetic flooring, simply apply a 2’x2’ magnetic underlayment tile to each raised panel and install Nydree right on top. No permanent glue required! Most raised panels are 2’x2’; however, our underlayment can be easily cut to size to accommodate any size panel.

Make Installation a Breeze

The first magnetic wood floor built in America from the brand you've come to trust for more than 40 years.  Nydree's acrylic infusion technology for unsurpassed durability combined with magnetic installation is a combination that simply can't be beat.  The Gravitate® magnetic system is available on any Nydree wood floor.

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