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Abrasion, Dent, & Scratch Resistant

Luxury Meets Performance

The sound of laughter from loved ones, the cling of wine glasses toasting over a celebratory meal, deep conversations around the fireplace, the memories made through the joys and hardships of life — these are the things that make a house a home. We believe the home is a refuge. A safe place from the busyness of life. There are many things that go into making a house a home and most of those things can’t be bought.

The few things that can be bought must endure the test of time and add warmth, character and beauty to foster the relationships that can only be made in a home. We believe flooring is the most significant investment you can make in the design and construction of a new or existing home — and it should not only perform well but look spectacular.

Unlike an appliance, window treatment or artwork, flooring is the foundation for every other design choice in a home. Nydree Flooring has been selected by the world’s most discerning residential designers when both performance and aesthetics are a must. From dog owners to busy families, our world-renown acrylic infusion technology provides the discerning homeowner unparalleled dent resistance, wear-resistance and scratch resistance.

Independent testing shows that Nydree acrylic-infused products are simply the most durable wood flooring products available anywhere in the world when dent, scratch and wear resistance are combined.

Flooring for the whole family

Sanding and Abrasion

We used a Taber Abraser to sand the wood finish, replacing the abrasive strips every 200 cycles. As you can see, the traditional non-infused maple with the best finish we could find shows complete finish removal after just 2,000 cycles. Nydree emerged virtually unmarked. Imagine how well it can perform in your project’s high-traffic areas. Nydree is rated at over 4,000 Taber cycles.

Scratch Resistance

Coating performance is key when it comes to flooring. To test Nydree’s scratch resistance, we used a loop stylus to simulate a 10 kg object being dragged across the wood. Nydree emerged unmarked. The traditional wood, not so much. Sharp objects can scratch Nydree products just like any floor, but when it comes to wood, you might as well have the finish that stands up the very best to scratches.

Metal and High Heel Indents

This test was originally designed to measure the indentation hardness of metals. We modified the indentation penetrator so that we could get results on wood/plastic composites. The results, in this case, showed the Nydree infused maple to be more than 300% harder.

Perhaps the most demanding test for a wood floor is the high heel test. This test measures the impact of a 125-pound person with ¼-inch-diameter high heels. As you can see, she barely made a dent.

See The Difference

  • Slip Resistant Finish

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Scratch Resistant

Unfinished + Acrylic Infusion

Do you or your designer prefer the natural look and feel of a site finished wood floor but still want the dent resistance of our acrylic infusion? Simply specify our infused unfinished products to dial in the color and finish you’ve been dreaming about. Hardwax oil, polyurethane, natural oil, and stains all work perfectly with our product. Click here to request pricing and technical information.

Designed & Manufactured in the United States

Sourced from the highest quality materials and wood species from around the world, Nydree acrylic infused flooring is designed, assembled and finished right here on US soil to create a product that’s worthy of its reputation for superior performance, delivery and installation.

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