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What Material Should You Use for Commercial Flooring?

Architects and designers have a hard decision ahead of them when it comes to commercial flooring. Thankfully, there are a few ways to break down those decisions to ensure you pick the best material for your project’s needs.

by Jason Brubaker
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Exciting New Color Offerings From Nydree Are Available Now

Nydree is proud to offer a wide selection of flooring finishes and stains to help residential and commercial clients design the perfect space. Whether you’re building a hotel or your client’s dream home, we’ve got a full menu of flooring options that will inspire your next design.

by Jason Brubaker
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8 Benefits of Site-Finished Hardwood Flooring

When choosing materials for a commercial or residential hardwood flooring project, it may be tempting to go with prefinished flooring options for their ease and simplicity. But the practical aspects can hinder the creative vision due to the limited design possibilities. Nydree site-finished flooring lets designers customize every little detail, from the stain and finish to intricate installation patterns.

by Jason Brubaker

Commercial Space Flooring Costs:


This complete guide illustrates how labor and materials play a role in the overall cost of your project.

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What Is the Difference Between Heavy and Light Commercial Flooring?

Knowing the difference between heavy and light commercial flooring options and applications is the key to ensuring both a timeless design and choosing the best durability for your project.

by Jason Brubaker
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What Flooring Should You Pitch to Your Residential Client?

There are a lot of decisions that homeowners have to make when it comes to designing their dream home. The flooring they choose acts as a foundation for the rest of their home’s style — so why not start with a solution-focused approach to their flooring?

by Jason Brubaker
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The History of Flooring in the United States

The United States has come a long way from the dirt floors found in homes a few centuries ago. In this article, we explore the history of flooring in the United States, along with the most common types of flooring materials over the years. There are a few fascinating flooring trends that made their way into homes — and even government buildings — over the years.

by Jason Brubaker
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What You Need to Know About Grain Variation Types

The type of grain variation in the flooring you select will have an impact on the expression and feel of the space you’re building. And grain variation is affected by the way the lumber is cut. Let’s look at the main types of cuts you will encounter and how they affect the final design of the flooring.

by Jason Brubaker
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What to Expect With Color Variations When Buying Acrylic-Infused Hardwood

Flooring color variations are a natural occurrence in hardwood products. Every plank of wood, even when coming from the same exact tree, features color variations. But don’t consider it a setback! By embracing the dynamic and natural look of hardwood flooring, you can create a design that’s sure to impress.

by Jason Brubaker
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What You Need to Know About Custom-Designed Acrylic-Infused Hardwood

Standard flooring comes in many stunning colors and patterns, thanks in part to the beauty of the natural wood used for them. But sometimes, a project calls for a little something extra, like a new color to create the ultimate impact in a space. With custom-designed acrylic-infused hardwood, designers on big projects can tinker beyond the typical wood varieties and stain choices, to include color and pattern into the floor without sacrificing durability.

by Jason Brubaker
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Is Acrylic-Infused Hardwood Green and Sustainable?

Hardwood flooring has been a consistently popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike for years. In addition to its classic elegance, high-quality hardwood is easy to maintain. However, if you want unmatched durability, an excellent, green option worth exploring is sustainable acrylic-infused hardwood (which can also contribute to buildings becoming LEED certified).

by Jason Brubaker