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The Top 5 Interior Design Trends That Never Expire

Good designers know that creating overly trendy spaces can be a bad idea. Just when you’ve perfected the latest look to take Instagram by storm, another snazzy fad comes along, leaving the design you worked so hard on feeling dated.

by Jason Brubaker
Case Studies Corporate

How Red River Turned Their Common Area Into a Stylish, Modern Space

When Red River, a technology transformation company, decided to upgrade the office kitchen and break room in their office, they wanted to make a departure from the normal break room layout and décor and focus on creating an environment that echoed who they are as an organization.

by Jason Brubaker
Case Studies Hospitality

How the Graduate Oxford Hotel Made Their High Traffic Flooring a Signature Design Element

The architects and interior designers of Graduate Hotels understand that attention to detail is everything.

by Jason Brubaker

Commercial Space Flooring Costs:


This complete guide illustrates how labor and materials play a role in the overall cost of your project.

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5 Benefits of Oil Finished Engineered Wood Flooring

Commercial businesses want flooring that is both beautiful and durable. They need something that will stand up to the high level of usage and that won’t require a lot of maintenance. To determine whether an oil finished engineered wood floor will work for your client, you'll need to ask them a few questions.

by Jason Brubaker
Green Products

Why Should You Choose Engineered Hardwood Over Bamboo Flooring

The search for flooring that is beautiful, durable and cost-effective seems to be neverending. Add the fact that consumers today are also concerned with sustainability, and the search seems impossible.

by Jason Brubaker
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How to Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring over Underfloor Heating

Perhaps one of the most luxurious upgrades you can make to your home's climate control is underfloor heating. However, there are a few common misconceptions about radiant underfloor heating.

by Jason Brubaker
Corporate Trends

Designing for Longevity: Strategies for Commercial Design

Building for longevity is a hot topic among interior designers and architects and there’s never been a better time to design buildings that will serve their occupants for generations.

by Jason Brubaker

The 5 Interior Design Trends That Never Expire

We give you a rundown of five future-proof interior design elements and how you can incorporate them into your own space.

by Jason Brubaker
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Helping Clients Budget: Looking at Life-Cycle Costs

Discussing a project’s budget doesn’t have to be a hassle. Discussing the project’s financial parameters can be a collaborative process.

by Jason Brubaker
Trends Walls and Ceilings

Interior Design With Hardwood: Wall Treatments That Will Impress

Thanks to modern design sensibilities, wood wall treatments are a tasteful and trendy addition to any commercial or residential space.

by Jason Brubaker