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What to Expect With Color Variations When Buying Acrylic-Infused Hardwood

Flooring color variations are a natural occurrence in hardwood products. Every plank of wood, even when coming from the same exact tree, features color variations. But don’t consider it a setback! By embracing the dynamic and natural look of hardwood flooring, you can create a design that’s sure to impress.

by Jason Brubaker
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What You Need to Know About Custom-Designed Acrylic-Infused Hardwood

Standard flooring comes in many stunning colors and patterns, thanks in part to the beauty of the natural wood used for them. But sometimes, a project calls for a little something extra, like a new color to create the ultimate impact in a space. With custom-designed acrylic-infused hardwood, designers on big projects can tinker beyond the typical wood varieties and stain choices, to include color and pattern into the floor without sacrificing durability.

by Jason Brubaker
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Is Acrylic-Infused Hardwood Green and Sustainable?

Hardwood flooring has been a consistently popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike for years. In addition to its classic elegance, high-quality hardwood is easy to maintain. However, if you want unmatched durability, an excellent, green option worth exploring is sustainable acrylic-infused hardwood (which can also contribute to buildings becoming LEED certified).

by Jason Brubaker

Commercial Space Flooring Costs:


This complete guide illustrates how labor and materials play a role in the overall cost of your project.

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Wood Species: What You Need to Know Before Choosing Flooring

When choosing flooring for your commercial project, you’ve probably considered wood for a beautiful, warm finish. However, when you choose wood flooring, there are many things to take into consideration, including the type of wood species and any treatments added to the species you pick.

by Jason Brubaker
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Nydree + Inform Magazine on Designing for Residential Spaces

Nydree’s Elizabeth Woods, Territory Manager for DC, Maryland and Virginia, was once again invited to write a piece for Inform Magazine, this time focusing on design in residential. The article talks about how some designers have created indulgent and luxurious experiences for homeowners, even when they’re just staying in for the weekend.

by Jason Brubaker
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Flooring Color Trends in Hospitality Spaces

If you’re planning a new hotel design or hospitality space remodel, it’s important to remember that the materials that make up your design send a clear message to its subsequent visitors. First impressions are everything, especially in the hospitality industry.

by Jason Brubaker
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4 Pitfalls of Laminate Flooring in Commercial Spaces

Anyone who is looking to install new flooring in their building project has a multitude of different options. Truth be told, there are plenty of cons for laminate flooring but thankfully, there are many sustainable and durable laminate alternatives for commercial spaces. By the end of this piece, you’ll be able to make the right flooring choice for your commercial building.

by Jason Brubaker
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Nydree Newest Feature In AIA Virginia’s Inform Magazine

Nydree’s Elizabeth Woods, was once again invited to write a piece for Inform Magazine, this time focusing on design in education. The article discusses how today’s architects can design a high performing building that also meets the demand for a healthy learning environment.

by Jason Brubaker
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What Is the True Difference Between Laminate, Hardwood and Acrylic-Infused Hardwood?

When it comes to flooring types, three main materials are the general go-to in the commercial sector: laminate, hardwood and acrylic-infused hardwood flooring. We’ve created this guide, which can also be used as a student’s guide to flooring, for all industry professionals to become familiar with the technical and design details of laminate, hardwood and acrylic-infused hardwood.

by Jason Brubaker
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5 Things Designers Need to Know About Nydree’s Maverick Collection

The cost of high-quality flooring shouldn’t outweigh the benefits that it provides for your commercial or multifamily space. Here are five things you should know about working with Nydree’s latest innovation in commercial flooring.

by Jason Brubaker