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3 Must Have Hardwood Samples

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Numbers speak louder than words, and Nydree wants to share must have sample stains for your hardwood collection. Do we have your attention now? Let’s talk about our most popular hardwoods samples.

1. Rift & Quartered | Centennial

RQ White Oak Centennial Swatch 1028x1024

A neutral beauty with soft brown hues and undertone, Rift and Quartered White Oak contains both straight rift sawn grain and quarter sawn grain. There is naturally occurring fleck on a small percentage of this product that adds to the unique beauty of this highly sought after cut.

2. Plainsawn White Oak | Pineapple

WP Pineapple Swatch

Another camel colored stain with greyish blue accents. Fitting the flooring needs of any contemporary space, Plainsawn White Oak Hardwood is best suited for highlighting common areas.

3. Walnut | Natural

Walnut Natural Swatch

This warm and riched toned brown, is Walnut and known for its beautiful grain pattern and color tonality. Walnut in Natural is a traditional choice and timeless product that will stand the test of time in terms of style and quality.

What are you waiting for? Add these key samples to your collection! Request a sample today and receive it next day with Material Bank.