• When our founder Barry Brubaker was a young boy, he lived across the mountain from Nydrie Farm, a breeding facility known for some of the top thoroughbred race horses in the U.S., located near Charlottesville, Virginia. Barry’s father-in-law worked for this farm and coined its name from the Nydrie Stud.

    Years later, Barry used that name as inspiration for his company and modified the spelling to Nydree (Nid-dree), recalling the combination of performance and beauty that the Nydrie Stud horse embodied.

    The company began in 2001 with the acquisition of Gammapar, and grew when it acquired its primary competitor, PermaGrain, in 2003. Today, Nydree is a company driven by a passion to create the best of the best in wood flooring and walls by fusing the properties of strength and style. Many of the company’s staff mem- bers have been here for generations, honing the craft of acrylic-infused wood.

    Using Nydree’s proprietary technology, our team creates wood flooring and wall planks from multi-ply, plywood, the highest grade adhesives and a 1/10” thick layer of acrylic-infused real wood. Gammapar invented our manufacturing process in 1963, and we continue to perfect it every day. The results can be seen in hotels, stadiums, universities, stores, corporations, museums and other public spaces all over the world.

    We invite you to learn more about the many products within our collections. Contact us today for samples or to discuss your projects and needs. Together, we can make a beautiful and lasting impact.

  • The high performance of the race horses and unmatched beauty of the area are synonymous with the performance and beauty in each Nydree wood floor.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    Out of our four corporate values Honesty and Integrity may be the most important. We would rather close our doors than sacrifice our honesty and integrity. We are willing to fail if that’s what it takes to maintain our values especially this one. We will not oversell our product just to make an extra dollar and we will not make false claims that do not meet the performance criteria of our product. While we know we make the toughest wood floor in the world we are careful not to position it in applications for which it is not suited. We are honest with each other in our successes and failures and we believe in open and truthful communication internally and externally. We believe these are the hallmarks of a company built to outlast any design trend or economic cycle.

    We are ultimately in the people business not the wood flooring business. It's how we treat each other, our clients, and our vendors that will leave a lasting impression not just the quality and durability of our flooring.

    Customer Centric

    It may sound cliche but we take our customer centric approach very seriously. Many manufacturers have equipment that forces them to produce as few SKUs as possible and sell as much of each SKU as possible. While that process works well for commodity product manufacturers our approach is to create wood flooring products that designers really want (not what they are forced to use). This means the aesthetic and performance drive what we make not the other way around. We let the design community dictate what we produce so their voice is heard and they can feel like they are part of the process. We create new looks on a systematic rollout basis that supports our focus on designers by providing inspiration based on expert analysis of color trends.

    Our custom color program is one of the best in the wood flooring industry. Many wood flooring manufacturers that accommodate custom are very small. While we are large enough to produce big volumes we have a very hands-on approach to custom that allows the designer to feel like a part of our team. If you have not yet worked on a custom sample with us please try it! Custom is the best way to get locked in to a spec and create a lasting relationship with your designer. We have some of the best equipment in the world that allows us to create beautiful custom products!

    In addition to aesthetics we are committed to assisting designers and contractors throughout the order and installation process. We are not afraid to raise our hand and recommend another product of ours if the one selected is not the best for a specific application. Rather than just take an order and ship it our Project Coordinators go behind the details to ensure contractors have what they need to complete the job and ensure they've thought through every detail. Our Project Coordinators provide world class communication and follow projects through to completion to ensure long term client satisfaction.

  • Accountability

    Every company is simply a group of people focused in the same direction providing a product or service. Because of the people-centric aspect of every successful company we are intentional about being accountable to one another. Each person has a clear role and set of responsibilities so there’s no micromanagement or finger pointing if there’s a problem. Everyone takes ownership for delivering results and are accountable for outcomes.

    We believe accountability is founded on transparency that's why we run our business on a proven management model where everyone in the organization has specific goals and responsibilities. We believe each person has accountabilities instead of titles. That's why we have an accountability chart instead of an org chart. Everyone knows exactly what their role is.

    We are also accountable to our customers who expect eco-friendly and safe products. Because of that we freely publish an HPD document in addition to a document on how our product addresses green concerns. We independently test our plywood with HPVA over and above the published tests our vendors provide.

    One of our most valuable accountability tools is our guarantee: If you can find a tougher wood floor, we'll buy it for you. We are accountable to that promise and keep it as a clarifying tool to ensure we are constantly producing the most durable wood product in the world.

    Pride in Craftsmanship

    We focus on taking personal care of each order that runs through the plant and it is one of the hallmarks of our company. What does this look like?

    If you see something say something
    - If an order is running down the line and the finish doesn’t look quite right or the color appears to be off then we stop, evaluate, and solve the problem immediately. That might sound obvious but many large companies just throw the product in a box and ship it hoping the customer doesn’t find out or care enough to complain.

    Personal touch
    - People like Mike in our Handcrafted area take the time to ensure every plank looks perfect before it ships. If we cared mostly about high production rather than the look we would use machinery to create this look but we are confident machinery cannot replicate the look and feel of a true handcrafted product. Our people are passionate about what they do and genuinely want to ship the best looking product possible.

    Doing what it takes
    - The nature of our business sometimes requires meeting tight deadlines and special requests. It’s not always published in our marketing but our dedicated team in Pennsylvania will come in on a Friday or a weekend to finish an order just to meet a customer deadline. Our near perfect shipping deadline success rate ranks us as among the BEST in the industry at exceeding customer delivery expectations. More often than not orders are ready BEFORE the customer is ready to receive them!

Giving Back

Promise686 Logo

Nydree is a proud corporate partner of Promise686. While our flooring is the toughest in the world there are thousands of kids who live tough lives and are in need of loving families through foster care. We are honored to help solve the foster care crisis in the United States through our annual support of Promise686.


What is Acrylic Infused Wood Flooring?

Acrylic infused is unlike any other wood flooring. Our product is real wood with the added strength of acrylic infused throughout the top layer resulting in a product that is 300% more durable than standard wood flooring. Our proprietary technology allows our flooring to be used in some of the most prominent high traffic projects in the world. Our engineered construction uses 7 plies of marine grade Baltic Birch, glued with marine grade adhesive, topped with a 1/12" thick acrylic infused wood wear layer.

Acrylic infused wood is made from natural wood that is infused with acrylic resin for a stronger, tougher floor. We invented the process in 1963 and continue to perfect it. See the below illustrations for a look at our patented manufacturing process.

The technology behind Hardwoof.

The Nydree Manufacturing Process

Step 1

Container Vacuumed
Kiln-dried hardwood veneer is loaded and sealed within a container. A vacuum is pulled on the container to remove the air entrapped within the wood’s pore structure

Step 2

Filled/ Infused
Liquid acrylic plastic (methyl methacrylate), which contains dyes, crosslinker and heat-activated catalyst, then fills the container. The container is pressurized, forcing the liquid acrylic into the pore structure of the wood. This is the infusion process.

Step 3

Depressurized & Drained
The container is de-pressurized and the excess liquid is drained off to be recycled.

Step 1

Exposed to heat
The container, filled with wood holding liquid acrylic within its pore structure, is exposed to heat.

Step 2

As a result of this exposure to heat, the catalyst is activated whereas the liquid acrylic has hardened to a solid plastic within the pore structure of the wood. The cured plastic is very similar to Plexiglas®.

Why are Nydree Flooring products designed to last?

Superior Hardness
Nydree hardwoods are up to 300% harder than natural hardwood. Nydree softwoods are up to 300% harder than natural softwood and harder than natural hardwoods. Nydree hardwoods have up to 300% more indentation resistance than natural hardwood.

Industry's Best Finish
Our Pedestrian 2.0 Benzophenone free finish is rated at over 4,000 tabers for unmatched wear resistance. Independent tests show our finish surpasses all other wood flooring finishes when it comes to scratch and wear resistance.

Environmentally Responsible
Our 1/10" thick wear layer uses 1/6 of the virgin wood per square foot of area compared to conventional 3/4" thick strip flooring. Our flooring is FloorScore certified as a low emitting material.

Dimensional Stability
Our engineered construction means less expansion and contraction movement than conventional 3/4" strip flooring.

Design Flexibility
Nydree flooring can be used above, at or below grade. It can be glued to concrete or wood subfloors; stapled or nailed to wood subfloors. Call us for assistance.

Lower Life Cycle Costs
Compared to natural wood flooring, terrazzo, or commercial sheet vinyl, Nydree products are significantly less expensive to own over the life of the installation. Contact your Nydree Flooring Sales Professional for details!

Wear Layer Warranty
Nydree acrylic impregnated flooring products are warranted against wear-out of the wear surface for the lifetime of the original installation.

In order to understand the value that comes with every Nydree product, first there must be an understanding of Engineered Wood Floors.

According to the National Wood Flooring Association: "Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using multiple layers of different wood veneers. The sub layers can be of the same species or of different species. The grain of each layer runs in different directions, which makes it very stable. This means that the wood will expand and contract less than solid wood flooring during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The top layer of engineered wood flooring consists of high-quality wood. While this type of flooring can be sanded and finished, it cannot be done as many times as solid wood flooring."

View our Commercial Engineered Hardwood Flooring products.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in working with us.

Nydree Flooring is a fast-paced and innovative wood flooring manufacturer producing the world's most sought after commercial wood flooring. We are constantly seeking the best and brightest professionals to join our team. If you are interested in an opportunity with Nydree Flooring please send your resume and a cover letter to [email protected].