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A Closer Look At The Calgary Public Library

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Some of our favorite flooring projects are the ones that aren’t conventional. The ones that combine durability and design in the details. The ones that allow us to get creative with the way our luxury, acrylic-infused engineered hardwoods come to life.

The Calgary Public Library is certainly one of those projects!

As the country’s second most popular library, the Calgary Public Library sees an incredible amount of foot-traffic on a regular basis. Because of that, they needed to lay a foundation that had both durability and strength.

They chose our Rift and Quartered White Oak Natural engineered hardwood flooring to meet both their functional and aesthetic needs. Our Oak flooring is a great choice for a busy public space, as it’s 300% more durable than other flooring options. The technology used in our acrylic-infused engineered hardwoods make it resistant to dents, stains, and scuffs. Plus, it adds incredible luxury to any design.

In the Calgary Public Library’s sleek and stylish space, we were able to create a unique hardwood aesthetic from floor to ceiling. Here, the Oak covers both the floors and the walls, creating an all-around professional, luxurious feel. It’s an incredible example of how our acrylic-infused engineered hardwoods can be used in more than one way in the same space, ultimately elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

If you’re looking to add style and luxury to your high-traffic, public spaces, Nydree flooring is your answer. Take a look at every wood, cut, and stain we offer and contact us to get a free quote on incorporating acrylic-infused engineered hardwoods in your space.