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A Closer Look At The Calgary Public Library

by Scheduling Campfire Social
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How to Remove Stains from Commercial Wood Flooring

Discover ways to remove stains from commercial wood flooring that won't damage the flooring.

by Jason Brubaker
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Hardwood Maintenance after Your High-Traffic Event

If your commercial space regularly hosts large events, you can ensure your flooring stands up to the task by remembering a few maintenance guidelines.

by Jason Brubaker

Commercial Space Flooring Costs:


This complete guide illustrates how labor and materials play a role in the overall cost of your project.

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Hardwood vs. Carpet? Creating the Feeling of Home in Your Senior Living Space

Hardwood is a popular flooring choice in many homes. Because it is versatile, durable, & beautiful, hardwood is a great option for a new living space.

by Jason Brubaker
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Flooring Tips: How to Stop Furniture From Sliding

Keeping your furniture in place isn’t that hard, but it will greatly increase the value of your hardwood floor over time.

by Jason Brubaker
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Selecting Scratch-Resistant Flooring For Your Business

A good looking floor speaks volumes about your business. That’s why so many business and owners are turning to scratch resistant flooring options.

by Jason Brubaker
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Hardwood Installation: Problems to Look For

Evaluating your floors after installation is crucial, but glancing at the floor won’t show you if it needs repair. Here are few things to look for.

by Jason Brubaker
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Polyurethane or Varnish: Which Should You Use on Your Hardwoods?

Polyurethane and varnish. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so your choice will depend on what floor you have as well as desired look and cost.

by Jason Brubaker
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Maintenance Tips for Colored and Stained Hardwood Floors

If you go through the trouble to specify custom colored hardwood floors, you'll want to make sure they stay pristine for years to come. We know how.

by Jason Brubaker
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Dark or Light Hardwood Floors? Design and Functionality in Commercial Spaces

When you're beginning to specify your hardwood floors, the first decision you need to make is: light or dark? We can help you decide.

by Jason Brubaker