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3 Stunning Nydree Projects in the Carolinas

by Jason Brubaker

The eastern Carolina states are home to gorgeous scenery, vibrant culture and plenty of tourist attractions. North Carolina is known for its awe-inspiring mountain ranges and for being the site of the world’s first airplane flight by the Wright brothers in 1903. South Carolina also attracts visitors from all over the world with its rich history, beautiful beaches and renowned agriculture.

With so many people choosing to live and work in the Carolinas, there has been no shortage of interior design projects that we at Nydree have been given the opportunity to collaborate on. Here are three of our favorite projects in North and South Carolina that used our real wood, acrylic-infused flooring.

The Cypress

The bar room of The Cypress, with Nydree Natural Reclaimed Oak floorboards.

The Cypress is a luxury retirement community located in Hilton Head Island, SC. Surrounded by the idyllic natural surroundings of the Lowcountry, the beautiful building evokes class and comfort. For over thirty years, The Cypress has provided continuous care for senior citizens aged sixty-two and over — and cultivated an award-winning reputation in the process.

To live up to this reputation and to the elegant design of the building’s exterior, the interior design had to be refined yet inviting. The real wood aesthetic chosen by the designer meant that our acrylic-infused flooring was an ideal component.

The image above shows how the rich yet natural tones of the flooring provide the perfect visual counterpoint to the darker wooden surfaces of the chairs, tables and piano while complimenting the lightness of the cream walls and ceilings.

As well as matching the visual aesthetic of The Cypress’ sophisticated interior, the flooring needed to be functional and durable. With residents and visitors meeting in busy communal spaces such as the bar area, the flooring had to be able to deal with foot traffic without becoming too worn out.

An interior of The Cypress, with Nydree Natural Reclaimed Oak floorboards.

To make sure that the flooring lasted a long time and became as familiar as any of the other fixtures, the designer chose our Natural Reclaimed Oak floorboards. In addition to matching the home’s rustic, country feel, our engineered hardwood boards are infused with acrylic, adding modern, state-of-the-art strength to the traditional look of the space.

The engineered hardwood is also scratch-resistant and water-resistant — offering peace of mind to those with elderly loved ones at the facility. This space is the perfect place to catch up with beloved friends and family members and for residents to forge new friendships.

VS America Furniture Showroom

An interior of the VS America Furniture Showroom, with tables, chairs, and desks, and Nydree Essentials Oak Natural floorboards.

German company VS is one of the world’s leading furniture suppliers for schools and offices, with operations dating back to the late 1800s. Today, VS is not only proud of its long history and heritage, but it also continues to provide top-quality ergonomic and sustainable furniture, with the VS America Furniture Showroom in Charlotte, NC displaying its wide range of products.

Both visual and practical design were of top priority when designing the interior of the VS America Furniture Showroom. To make the space attractive and functional, engineered hardwood made from real wood was the ideal choice. The flooring needed to provide an appealing backdrop to the furniture on display without distracting visitors from it, so a classic, minimal design was the order of the day.

Our Essentials Oak Natural checked all the boxes for this project. The subtle coloring avoided distraction from the furniture on display while the rich patterns of the oak grain added a touch of variety to the minimal spaces of the showroom. The juxtaposition between the bold colors of some of the chairs and the muted wooden tones made for an attractive effect.

An interior of the VS America Furniture Showroom, with blue and green sofas and Nydree Essentials Oak Natural floorboards.

When it came to durability, extremely tough flooring was absolutely essential for this project. The showroom has many visitors, so foot traffic was a key consideration. In addition to this, the furniture itself was an important factor. With heavy tables and chairs with metal feet, floorboards with resistance to scratches were vital for this space.

Thankfully, our engineered hardwood is 300% more durable than traditional wood and highly scratch-resistant. This hardwood enables chairs to be moved with ease and lets computer chair wheels glide across the floor without leaving a mark.

Durham Library

An interior of Durham Library, with desks, computers, and Nydree Rift and Quartered White Oak Natural floorboards.

The public library in Durham, NC, attracts visitors from all over the state and beyond. Whether visitors are studying, carrying out important academic research or simply sitting down with a good book to relax, library spaces must be inviting without being distracting.

To achieve this balance, engineered hardwood was chosen as a material for floors and ceilings. Our Rift and Quartered White Oak Natural floors suited the requirements of this project down to a tee, with the warm tone adding a sense of comfort and the smooth surfaces reflecting light in a way that evokes space, order and cleanliness. The final result was as successful as expected, making the space ideal for spending long hours reading or working.

A central staircase Durham Library, with Nydree Rift and Quartered White Oak Natural floorboards, and other sections of the library visible.

As can be seen in the image above, the stylish acrylic-infused hardwood was used for various surfaces to give a sense of cohesion across the large, multi-story building and a feeling of nature in an otherwise highly modern environment.

Similar to the other projects, our acrylic-infused engineered hardwood was perfect for the durability needs of this project. Moving furniture and heavy foot traffic causes no harm to the integrity of the material — preserving its quality for years to come.

Tough Hardwood Flooring With Stylish Designs

The natural beauty of the Carolinas is inspiring, and helping to bring these interior spaces to life was an honor. Here at Nydree, our team takes pride in our craftsmanship, and our floors are the toughest real wood flooring available on the market.

The construction process, which we invented in 1963, features real wood with an acrylic-infused top layer for unparalleled durability and flooring that lasts for generations.

We have carried out many different projects across various markets, putting heart, soul and expertise into every project. Our team has helped designers and architects bring their interior design visions to life in many commercial projects such as these, and we also provide flooring solutions for residential spaces, too.

If you are interested in using our world-class real wood flooring to enhance your interior space, why not order a sample from our range? Let’s get started on making your dream flooring a reality — get inspired by looking at our previous projects, and request a quote today.