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5 Reasons To Choose Engineered Hardwoods for Your Beach House

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St Simons
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When this client designed their residential beach house on the Georgia coast, they had two things in mind: style and sustainability. They wanted details that conveyed a classic, coastal aesthetic with the durability and strength to withstand both foot-traffic and the elements of seaside living throughout the house. That’s why they chose acrylic-infused engineered hardwoods to check all their beach-house boxes.

If you’re building the beach house of your dream, here are just a few of the reasons we recommend Nydree’s engineered hardwoods for the job.

Customized To Suit Your Style

Our luxury, acrylic-infused engineered hardwoods come in a variety of widths and stains. In other words, there’s plenty of options to suit your specific style. Our St. Simons clients chose 4” Plainsawn White Oak hardwoods for their beach house space. It’s the perfect choice to lay the foundation in their home because of its high-end style and functional durability.

Technology That Avoids Wear & Tear

Engineered hardwoods stand out above other flooring options because of it’s acrylic infused layer which prevent it from showing damage as a home ages. That means it’s pet friendly, kid friendly, family friendly, and in this case, beach friendly. Our floors can stand up to even the most high-traffic areas in a home with technology that helps it hold up against routine scratches, dents, or scuffs. Using engineered hardwoods in your beach house means you’ll get the best return on your flooring investment.

Long-term Durability

Engineered hardwood flooring stands up over time. Our acrylic-infused hardwood floors have been tested to prove they’re three times stronger than traditional wood flooring. In a beach house expecting regular foot-traffic from families and visitors alike, that’s important! The acrylic finish used on Nydree flooring gives customers the durability and strength they need to last many sunkissed summers spent at the beach.

Cleaning Made Easy

Though Nydree flooring is made to withstand, maintaining your floors will help aid in their long-lasting appeal. The good news for Nydree customers is that properly cleaning acrylic-infused engineered hardwood couldn’t be easier. Doing everything from wiping up spills quickly to using a light-weight vacuum or smart cleaning device can be helpful in keeping floors sand-free and stain-free at the beach.

Low Maintenance Management

Acrylic-infused flooring offers residential customers a low-maintenance approach to luxury. Rather than choose traditional wood flooring that requires frequent maintenance and repair, Nydree products require little need to frequently refinish, replace, or repair your flooring. Our engineered hardwoods also come with a warranty because the acrylic resin technology is designed to keep the surface strong and resistant to damage over time.

No matter what kind of flooring you want to lay in your residential, beach-side property, Nydree has a solution and style to suit you. Take a look at what Nydree can offer to your home designs by checking out our products. Then let inspiration strike, browse collections, order the samples that catch your eye, and request a quote to start your new project!

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