Why Your Customers Prefer Hardwood Floors

by Jason Brubaker

In recent years, hardwood floors have become one of the most preferred flooring materials for businesses and residential structures. The reasons are varied. Safety, comfort, environmental friendliness, quality and appearance are all strengths of hardwood flooring materials.

Nothing says high end or sophisticated quite like hardwood floors. Typical businesses and organizations that use hardwood floors include retail establishments, restaurants, universities and medical offices. Still, the need for hardwood flooring has been expanding into other commercial establishments little by little. Below are some of the reasons why businesses use hardwood floors and customers prefer hardwood floors.

Environmental Reasons

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Tree harvest has minimal impact on the environment, and trees themselves are a sustainable, natural resource. When one tree is cut down another can be planted in its place. Installing hardwood floors instead of flooring made from non-renewable resources or hazardous chemicals helps businesses become a part of an environmentally friendly movement to preserve the planet. Customers like buying products from companies that behave in environmentally responsible ways. Installing hardwood floors can help attract those customers.

In addition to being a renewable resource, wood is also recyclable. Many businesses with an environmentally friendly focus now seek reclaimed wood as its go-to flooring material. Reclaimed wood is rustic, visually interesting and eco-friendly. Many businesses with rustic interior decor seek reclaimed wood flooring because of its scarred, rough texture, antique appearance and because reclaimed wood seems to tell a story. For businesses and organizations that sell antiques or strive to create a rustic ambience, reclaimed wood is the perfect material.

Hardwood is Better For Your Health

Certain types of laminate wood flooring made in China contain hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde. Use of this type of flooring in commercial structures can be dangerous for customers and employees. Hardwood flooring by contrast is a natural resource harvested from forests around the world and should not contain formaldehyde.

Businesses are able to control the types of sealers, stains and other chemicals used to seal and finish their hard wood floors. Businesses and organizations with a focus on employee and customer health can avoid sealers and chemicals that could potentially pose a threat to human safety. Compared to certain types of synthetic flooring materials, hardwood flooring is better for indoor air quality and better for the people who occupy those buildings.

Hardwood Floors Have Natural Beauty

Nothing is more beautiful and attractive than all natural, well-maintained hardwood flooring. The attractive nature of this flooring allows customers to feel more at ease while shopping, waiting in the lobby, talking with customer service or exploring the grounds of the commercial space.

Hardwood flooring comes in a range of colors. Ranging from ash white to deep, deep red or nearly black, your hardwood floors can be suited to complement nearly any interior decor. This natural beauty makes hardwood floors an elegant and sophisticated choice for any business. Customers feel better about spending time in businesses that are attractive and nicely decorated.

Durability, Longevity

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Hardwood floors can last hundreds of years, given the proper care. The secret to keeping hardwood floors in good condition lies in the finish and the maintenance of the wood planks. Hardwood finish helps protect the flooring from moisture and humidity. Without this protection, hardwood could expand, rot or become moldy. Maintaining a perfect finish on your hardwood floors can help ensure that your flooring will look its best.

Typical maintenance of hardwood flooring is relatively easy. Dry mopping on a daily basis keeps grit, dust and dirt from marring the surface. Since dry mopping can be done easily throughout the day without disturbing customers, businesses can easily keep their floors clean and functional all workday long.

The longevity of hardwood is a benefit for businesses that want to maintain a classic, stylish appearance without regular renovations or remodeling projects. You’ll be able to keep your business open throughout the year without needing to close for new flooring or repairs. To more fully protect your hardwood, lay mats at entrances and exits to absorb moisture from shoes and boots.

Know What Type of Flooring is Right For Your Business

Many business owners turn to hardwood floors because of their beauty, but hardwood floors have benefits that go far beyond aesthetic considerations. Human safety, environmental friendliness, durability and longevity are all important factors to weigh when deciding what type of flooring to use in a commercial structure. Hardwood is made to last, better for the environment and better for the people who work and visit businesses every day.