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Find Your Perfect Hardwood Flooring Finish

by Jason Brubaker

Crossing the finish line with hardwood flooring, you want to have exactly the look you were going for. One of the ways of achieving this is through the finish used for wood flooring. You have multiple options when it comes to deciding what your finished flooring will look like. Learn more about how to make the most of the finish with these tips.

Hardwood Finishes First

When you are using hardwood flooring the finish does more than just looking good. It also serves an important role in the lasting quality of the flooring. A perfect finish will protect flooring and slow down the effects of wear and tear from foot traffic and the use of furniture and appliances. The primary point to look for in a flooring’s finish is an enhancement to the natural durability of the wood itself. For example, by infusing wood flooring with acrylic this increases the strength of the wood from the inside out.

When to Finish a Floor

Another consideration is when exactly you will commit to finishing the flooring of your commercial space. You have two options with floor finishes—pre-finished and site-finished. Having everything finished before the flooring is installed is the best solution. Otherwise you are dealing with sanding and finishing on-site, which leads to dust and noxious fumes. A floor that is finished on location also increases the amount of time you have to wait until the flooring can be walked on. The finish has to dry and set, which can significantly hamper any construction project.

On the other hand, a pre-finished flooring material is ready to use as soon as it's installed. No need to wait for the finish to, well, get finished. Additionally, you aren't looking at an increase the labor costs of your flooring crew. By finishing lumber on-site at a flooring manufacturer the finish is applied in a specialized environment. This reduces the issues of improperly dried or cured flooring finishes that can ruin a floor.

A Finished Look

In terms of how you want your finished floors to look, the finish can speak volumes. Start with a single species of wood and apply various finishes, such as hand-crafted or distressed. You will notice a major difference in the finished look and feel of the different finishes, even form the same species of wood. It’s a great way to create the precise look you want for any type of wood utilized for a flooring project.

Finishing Flooring with Grip

When deciding how you want to finish the hardwood planks to be used for your flooring project, think about the texture of the finish. If you go for a super slick finish this can become a safety hazard for high traffic areas or wet climates. Slipping and falling is one of the biggest dangers of any commercial property, so the flooring finish is put to task.

If you want a highly effective finish for a high traffic space, consider the use of Nydree Flooring products. We use a 4,000+ Taber abrasion finish, which indicates one of the highest degrees of durability of any flooring finish for hardwood. This increases the life and look of hardwood flooring for even the most heavily visited offices, venues, and restaurants. To find out more about achieving the perfect flooring finish contact Nydree Flooring in Forest, VA.