Five Biggest Flooring Headaches for Bars

by Jason Brubaker

Finding that perfect hardwood flooring for a bar can be challenging to say the least. A bar environment takes a lot of abuse that simply isn’t seen in other commercial environments. From broken glass to spilled, sugar-filled concoctions, not to mention high heels and bar stool legs, all of these create a serious challenge for flooring selections. Before you go all out for a particular type of flooring for your bar, consider the five biggest issues that bars have for floors.

High Traffic Areas

Bars differ from restaurants in that people are mixing and mingling when they arrive. If the music is jumping then your patrons are going to be dancing the night away. All of this foot traffic is a major contender for wear and tear on a wood floor. In order to overcome this challenge it is important to source a hardwood flooring that is able to stand up to the test of a bar scene. Consider the use of Nydree Flooring acrylic infused hardwood, which uses real wood encased by acrylic for a 300 percent harder surface compared to standard wood flooring.

Spilled Drinks Galore

Night after night in a bar setting drinks will be spilled either by accident or due to intoxication. It’s a matter of life for bar owners. However, it doesn’t have to be the reason that your wood flooring is rotten to the core. Flooring in a bar has to be water resistant in order to avoid long term damage due to spilled drinks. Search for flooring that looks great while also protected from water damage. This will help you save money on flooring maintenance and repairs over the long run.

Slippery When Wet

Speaking of spilled cocktails, a bar floor is quite the safety hazard. Combine the liquor, beer and sugary mixed drinks that make it to the floor with a crowd of buzzed patrons, and you have a recipe for disaster. Avoid creating a safety hazard in your bar by opting for hardwood flooring that has texture and grip. A textured wood floor will keep the clientele from taking a tumble, while reducing the chances of a lawsuit on your behalf.

Requires Cleanliness

Back to those drinks again. In a bar, beverages are the main event. However, these fermented and sugar-infused drinks are a bother to remove from surfaces including wood floors. While you want to present an exclusive atmosphere for customers by having fantastic wood flooring to set the scene, this can only take you so far. The flooring has to be capable of being kept clean.

Unfortunately, wet mops and soaked dishtowels are a no go for hardwood floors. In order to make the most of your bar’s flooring make sure you understand how to keep it clean. Start by using a broom daily followed by a vacuum once a week to remove the surface grime. For serious messes use a slightly damp towel to wipe up the offenses. The sooner you can clean up a mess the better so to avoid lumber soaked in liquor and other gunk.

Comfort for Employees

Yes, the look of the bar flooring has to be a priority. However, you also have to consider how well your employees will be able to stand up to the flooring, literally. For bartenders and waitstaff who are on their feet for hours on end, they need to have something accommodating to their labors. The use of shock absorbing rugs offers a protection against back pain and muscle strain for bar employees. As an added bonus these rugs also protect hardwood flooring around a bar from the undesirable
effects of spilled drinks and broken glasses.