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Avoid These Five Pitfalls When Planning Your Restaurant Flooring Project

by Jason Brubaker

In the restaurant business flooring is the foundation for your entire brand. As flooring is the largest area of your restaurant it offers the greatest design potential. From the choice of floor materials to its color and design, the flooring you put down will say volumes about the aesthetic. A great flooring choice can also save you a lot of money and aggravation over the years. On the other hand if you make the wrong choices about your restaurant’s flooring it will give you quite the headache. Here are some of the most common complaints that restaurant owners and managers have about unfortunate flooring choices.

Choosing a Floor Simply for Looks

You have an idea or a concept of how your restaurant will look with the flooring you choose. The color, the pattern and the material are on par with your dream design. Unfortunately you overlooked one key factor. The flooring must be selected with more than style in mind.

For a restaurant the flooring needs to withstand the daily rigors of foot traffic. Tack on the moving of tables, chairs, buffet lines and other pieces of restaurant equipment over the floor’s surface. All of these activities put a beating to a floor. Therefore you need to choose a material for restaurant floors that is industrial strength, such as hardwood flooring. The flooring has to be as strong as it is stylish; this is a must for any restaurant. It also needs to be resistant to the beating of high heels, dropped dishes, and wet messes—all characteristic of restaurants everywhere.

Using a Single Flooring Type for all Spaces

The next issue occurs when a restaurant utilizes the same flooring type throughout the space. This is a major regret for restaurants as it poses more than just wear and tear issues. It can also create safety hazards to your employees as well as customers. In a restaurant you may have any or all of the following areas:

  • Dining area
  • Kitchen Restrooms
  • Bar area
  • Beverage stations
  • Food prep areas
  • Hot grill and fry station
  • Freezers, coolers or refrigerators
  • Entryways

Each of these spaces require something unique for flooring. For example, the beverage station and bar area needs to feature flooring that is both water resistant and slip resistant. Spills happen and the floor area of these places must be able to weather the storm. Other areas of a restaurant, such as the entryway and dining area, require a more stylish strategy for flooring. You want to have a flooring design that is both attractive and aesthetically enhancing to your overall theme, while customizing flooring fore each section of the restaurant.

Foregoing the Safety of Employees and Customers

If you have an employee or customer who slips and falls in your restaurant this can quickly lead to a lawsuit. The flooring might be to blame, but you will take the fall for this as the owner who chose the flooring. If you think this could never happen to you, that’s a mistake as well. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) more than 3 million employees and 1 million guests in restaurants are injured annually at a cost of more than $2 billion for injuries. What is the cause of these injuries? Slipping and falling in restaurants as a result of flooring choices are creating hazards that could be prevented.

By choosing restaurant flooring material that has slip resistant qualities you are increasing the safety of your facility. Furthermore you are preventing the headaches that accompany accidents in the workplace. In addition to choosing the right type of flooring you also want to have a comprehensive safety analysis by the NFSI, as well as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to ensure you are choosing the safest flooring material. These reports will indicate any safety concerns you could potentially have depending on the type of flooring material you are planning to install in your restaurant.

Overlooking the Cleanliness Factor

Floors take a lot of abuse from both foot traffic to trash. Everything from dirt and dust to bacteria and germs accumulate on flooring. In restaurants this amount is elevated by the sheer amount of people passing through. Add in the food and beverages that are accidentally spilled on floors. The only way to bypass this hazard is to choose a flooring material that can be cleaned easily.

The less gunk the flooring can gather over time the better, which is why carpeting is a poor choice for restaurants. If you choose quarry tile you are looking at having to mop the floors several times a day, which is not cohesive with a busy restaurant. Hardwood is a better choice, but you want to get wood flooring that is sealed and protected, such as acrylic infused wood flooring. This ensures a longer lasting protection against the daily abuse a restaurant floor endures. Wood flooring is also easier to clean compared to carpet and tile using a broom and vacuum for regular maintenance.

By opting for a flooring material that can easily be cleaned you save your employees a lot of time, as well. As any restaurant owner knows, happy employees makes for a better work environment. This point also carries back to the safety issues in a restaurant. The last thing you want to happen is for your customers to get sick from contaminated flooring that harbors germs or mold.

Not Installing Flooring Properly

So you’ve selected the perfect flooring for your restaurant. Now you are faced with having the flooring installed. You leave it up to the experts, who in their haste forget to lay the proper sub-base and underlayment material. As a result the flooring is not installed properly and will create all sorts of problems down the road. From squeaky boards to water leaking through flooring, your restaurant can even be shut down due to effects of improperly installed flooring. All of this could have been prevented by choosing a professional wood flooring installation provider. You want to work with a wood flooring manufacturer that is equally experienced in installation.

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