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Four Seasons Opera Centre Selects Nydree Maple Natural Hardwood Floors

by Jason Brubaker

The popularity of wood flooring in commercial spaces has grown throughout the years, as business owners seek out this material due to its beautiful design and functionality in high traffic areas. In Toronto, Canada, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts not only required a beautiful flooring product for its auditorium and other spaces, it also required a flooring product that worked with the acoustical needs of the building. For contractors, the solution came from Nydree Flooring and the fantastic benefits of their Maple Natural Hardwood Flooring product.

Four Seasons4

The Four Seasons Centre for The Performing Arts

Designers and builders in Canada set out to do something truly unique. They went out to construct a building that would specifically host ballet and opera performances in the heart of Toronto's downtown region. The local architect firm Diamond and Schmitts had a difficult task in front of them: how do you create an opera house with the finest natural acoustical level while dealing with the traffic noises and street vibrations from passing motorists along some of the busiest downtown streets?

The architects were up for the challenge as they designed the $172.3 million Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts that now rests on an entire 1.7-acre block. The Centre consists of the Isadore and Rosalie Sharp City Room, the R. Fraser Elliott Hall, Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, the Rehearsal Hall and the Backstage. The building was inaugurated in 2006 as the Canadian Opera Company moved in to provide captivating and entertaining performances for people in the downtown area.


Maple Natural Hardwood Flooring in the Isadore and Rosalie Sharp City Room

When you enter the Isadore and Rosalie Sharp City Room, be prepared to stare in amazement at the flooring that you tread across. In this space you will find one of the longest free-spanning staircases made out of glass in the entire world. This glass staircase can withstand a 20,000-pound weight load as it consists of low-iron transparent glass formed into panels that is suspended by steel crosses.

With such a remarkable staircase, it needed to be paired with the right type of flooring that would truly complement and make this focal point stand out. The designers and builders selected maple hardwood flooring from Nydree Flooring that has a natural finish. With the light color of natural maple combined with the glass panels for the staircase, the flooring brings an elegance and warmth to the space while being structurally strong and durable.

One of the best features of maple hardwood flooring is that it gives an ageless and timeless appeal to any space. In addition, Nydree Flooring is 300% more dent resistant than normal wood flooring due to an acrylic resin-infused process that which gives the product more stability. These benefits will allow the flooring in the Isadore and Rosalie Sharp City Room to have the durability it needs to withstand the great amounts of foot traffic while still maintaining its long-lasting beauty.


R. Frasier Elliot Hall Using Nydree Flooring and Rubber Pads for Desired Acoustical Elements

The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts also has become another incredible feat of architectural wonder. In this space that features five tiers and 2,070 seats, the auditorium along with the stage and orchestra pit had to be separate from the rest of the building's structure due to the vibrations and outside noise created by the traffic and pedestrians.

These sections sit on 460, 8-inch thick steel plates that hold 500 acoustic isolation rubber pads. These pads absorb the vibrations to prevent movement and sound penetration. Along the surface, Nydree natural maple hardwood flooring has been placed along the seating areas on all five tiers. The beautiful appearance of the hardwood completes the design to make the auditorium resemble the outstanding European opera houses.

At the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, guests can enjoy the incredible orchestra and ballet performances. They can feel fully immersed in the rich sounds, music and lights without being disturbed by external noises or vibration that can ruin the effect of the performances as they can partake in the entire theatrical experience.

This opera center has different levels of seatings with wooden flooring and metal railings.

Nydree Maple Natural Wood Flooring Enhancing the Beauty and Design of Structures

The amazing and versatile benefits of Nydree maple natural wood flooring is being sought after by some of the highest award-winning architects, builders and designers. By offering products that feature the aesthetic appeal of natural wood infused with acrylic resin to offer increased durability, Nydree Flooring has been used in commercial buildings throughout North America and around the world in the highest foot traffic areas.