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Hardwood Acclimation: Avoid Structural Damage with Nydree Flooring

by Jason Brubaker

When it comes to new floors, nothing beats the look, durability and strength of wood. Hardwood products offer a warmth to any room in a residential home or commercial building. These flooring products are also versatile. They can be used in almost any space.

When you are placing hardwood flooring into a building, you can't just open the box and start laying the planks in place. You must first acclimate the wood to the indoor environment.

What is Hardwood Acclimation?

Hardwood flooring products contain moisture that reacts to the present temperature and humidity of the indoor environment. When there is high humidity, the hardwood expands. When there is low humidity, the hardwood contracts. The optimal humidity for the indoor environment where hardwood flooring is installed should be relatively around 30% to 50% as the optimal temperature should be about 60 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent excessive contraction or shrinkage of the flooring product.

If you are installing hardwood flooring in a residential home or commercial building, the flooring must acclimate to the new environment's present humidity and temperature. The reason for this is because the hardwood was stored in a different location such as a warehouse, and then was shipped to your location by truck. The flooring will be going through drastic shrinkage and expansion changes as the moisture content in the wood is responding to the current environment.

Once the flooring reaches the building, it now must acclimate to the indoor environment. If you do not acclimate the flooring and instead install the product immediately, you can seriously damage the flooring materials. The hardwood flooring may excessively expand, filling past the expansion gaps between the planks as the wood buckles and cups. If the floor excessively shrinks, it can crack and split.

Before the installation process, you must leave the hardwood in a stable, conditioned environment. This method allows for the wood to acclimate properly so there won't be any sudden temperature or humidity changes that affects the condition of the flooring. You normally have to leave the wood flooring in the room for at least 3 days. Some manufacturers may recommend even more time based on their particular hardwood flooring product as it may take up to a week for the wood to acclimate enough so it can be safely installed.

Nydree Flooring Solves the Acclimation Issue

Nydree wood flooring is a revolutionary engineered product that provides strength, beauty and durability to any home or business. It is acrylic-infused wood as it contains a real wood surfaced while impregnated with acrylic resin throughout the top layer.

The process involves several layers of veneer wood pressurized and sealed together. Then we add the acrylic resin that is infused into the wood as the excess resin is drained away. The flooring then goes through a heating process as the resin hardens into a solid plastic material throughout the pores of the wood. Through this proprietary technology, Nydree hardwood flooring is 300 percent more durable than regular solid wood materials.

So what does this mean when it comes to the acclimation process for Nydree flooring?

With the acrylic infused into the wood, our flooring is much more stable when exposed to sudden temperature and humidity changes. There is less expansion and contraction with the wood planks. When the flooring material is shipped to the destination location, it arrives in a polyethylene bag that is shrink-wrapped. This delivery process ensures that the moisture content remains at the desirable level.

Contactors and flooring installers can place the floor planks down immediately on the day of installation without acclimating the wood to the indoor temperature of the room. They can quickly proceed with the construction and flooring project on schedule so they can meet the desired deadlines. The wood flooring will not experience the excessive cupping, warping buckling cracking or splitting that can completely damage the product.

Consider the Right Flooring for Your Space

When it comes to selecting the right flooring, there are many things to take into consideration. You want a flooring that offers beauty to a home or commercial establishment, is durable, can last for a long time, and fits perfectly into a client's budget. You should also consider the design styles of the hardwood flooring and the characteristics of the room where the new flooring will be installed. Finally, think about the ease of installing the flooring product as well as the required maintenance that will need to be performed so the flooring will maintain its beauty as well as its functionality.

Once taking all these factors into consideration, consider the advantages of engineered wood such as Nydree wood flooring products. With engineered wood that has been infused with acrylic resin, you get a product that is harder and more resistant than both softwood and solid hardwood flooring products. It is also a very stable product as contractors and flooring professionals can easily work with this product while providing superior craftsmanship to the project. Install beautiful floors that will last for many years by choosing Nydree flooring products.