How Hardwood Floor Color Connects to Your Brand

by Jason Brubaker

Color schemes play a huge role in influencing your customers’ behavior. Creating strong and effective color associations is about using every surface to convey the brand message, and that includes the floor.

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In some retail environments, the color of your hardwood floor can enhance the mood or even change the way your brain “sizes up” the room. For example, lighter floors can make a smaller room appear bigger, while a dark floor will make a room appear more intimate and luxurious. This same effect can also be utilized by combining hardwood flooring colors with complementary wall paint colors. You can match deeper colors on short walls with light colors on long walls to transform a short narrow room.

Salon Today explains, “As with everything, creating that perfect palette is about balance between strong colors, sophisticated neutrals, and subtle textures. It's about creating style and projecting a corporate image that resonates with customers. It's about using the walls and the floor to help create a coherent image”.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your floors and overall design, is how you want to target your customers. Is your restaurant aimed at teenagers, or affluent business men and women? Does your hotel want to attract kids and their families, or honeymooners on a romantic escape? Is your retail store targeting young people, thirty-somethings, or senior citizens? Knowing and understanding your customer is important before making a flooring choice.

The success of your space depends on how the customer reacts to both the products on display and the environment. Younger people like the energy of bold colors; older people prefer more subtle palettes. Get those colors wrong, and your targeted audience won’t relate to your brand.