Installing the Maverick Collection: What You Need to Know

by Jason Brubaker

Commercial builders, architects and other professionals understand the impact that engineered hardwood flooring has inside a space. That’s why it helps to have flooring installation tips on hand, so your project runs smoothly and you get the results you’re expecting.

The Maverick Collection from Nydree offers an easy installation process and style that will last for decades. Here’s what you need to know about working with this high-performing engineered click hardwood flooring.



The Maverick Flooring Collection: Highlights

Nydree’s most budget-friendly hardwood product is the Maverick line of flooring. Maverick is a sleek and sturdy hardwood flooring often used in multi-family spaces, retail designs and other commercial applications.

Commercial designers and builders are often forced to choose between cost and quality when it comes to flooring. Nydree’s Maverick Collection offers the best of both worlds, along with fast installation and the durability that all Nydree products are known for.

Everyone loves the look of wood in a space, but the wear and tear that goes on in a commercial building or multi-family space requires a durable and long-lasting flooring solution. That’s why Nydree is a popular choice in high-traffic interiors in hotels, senior living facilities and other commercial construction: Its top coat scratch resistance can stand up to indents and scuffs and the Woodura® technology stands up to dents.

Maverick flooring is coated with Woodura®, which provides an opportunity to enhance the unique character of wood by combining different wood plank qualities with powder mixes in different colors. Plus, Woodura® is also a sustainable way to extend natural wood into more spaces by extending the usefulness of every tree. By using thin wood veneers instead of solid wood, a considerably larger amount of products can be produced from every square foot of wood, so you can show potential customers and tenants that you care as much about the environment as they do.

The Maverick line offers both high-performance and quality to ensure that the flooring in your restaurant, home or commercial building looks great … and stays looking great.



Installing Your Maverick Flooring

To install Nydree’s Maverick planks, a few tools and steps are recommended. You won’t need anything too fancy for the flooring installation: a handsaw or jigsaw, spacers, pencil, folding rule, set square and knife.

There are a few products that our experts and installers have recommended:

  • White glue (D3)
  • Festo or Bosch jigsaw and saw blades
  • Circle saw with diamond-tipped saw blades
  • Mega STRATICUT 400 or other laminate flooring guillotine

Steps for Installation

  1. Your first row starts with the first plank. Position a spacer and your plank against the front wall.
  2. The long side of the plank is connected to the plank next to it by positioning the tongue into the groove; the lower lip has a locking tap.
  3. The short ends are connected with a patented 5G® Fold Down locking system that is activated as the plank is folded down.
  4. Place the second plank against the short end of the first one, and fold the plank down in a single movement.
  5. Make sure the planks are snug against each other; you can press or lightly knock the short end to ensure it fits correctly.
  6. At the end of the first row put a spacer against the wall, then measure the length of the last plank to fit.
  7. For the second row, place the plank against the short end of the previous plank, and fold down in a single movement.
  8. Repeat the steps above to finish the row, and for all subsequent rows.

Download the Maverick Installation Guide here for details, tips and more resources to help you speed up your project.

A Few More Flooring Installation Tips

Our customers and installation experts have offered few other helpful resources and pointers for your flooring project.

  • Install the planks lengthwise, in relation to how the light falls in the space, to make a room look larger.
  • Remember your spacers! Put spacers in before measuring anything.
  • Minimum length of the first plank should be about 20 in.
  • The minimum distance between the short ends of panels in parallel rows shouldn't be less than 16 in.
  • Install your flooring panels after all painting and fixed furniture installations are complete.
  • Make sure your floor is even before you start installation. Carpet or needle fleece should be removed, and the subfloor needs to be dry, free from putty or paint, and even.
  • You’ll want the panels to adjust to indoor climate conditions, so bring floor packages into the room where the floor will be installed.
  • To achieve a dynamic floor pattern that’s consistent with your design, combine planks from different packages and plan the layout before you start installation.
  • If a floating installation isn’t ideal in your space, contact us to obtain our glue down instructions specifically for Maverick.

High Durability Floor Solutions



A Nydree floor design leaves building owners with fewer worries and a space that they’ll love for years after installation. The Maverick line offers commercial spaces a stylish and strong solution for wood flooring, one that building and business owners have come to rely on.

Discover more about the Maverick collection today. You can also request a quote or a sample of the Maverick (or any other Nydree) product to get your project started.