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Lismore Hotel Combines Beauty with Sustainability

by Jason Brubaker

Hotels want to provide a comforting and relaxing environment for their guests to make them feel welcomed when spending the night so that they will be eager to take part in onsite dining and recreational amenities.

The Lismore Hotel in the downtown area of Eau Claire, Wisconsin saw the downtown region was in rapid decline as the owner decided to take on a new renovation project to completely revamp the look of their building. They took on a twenty million dollar project to bring in an elegant, sophisticated and warm atmosphere throughout the premises as they selected the top quality wood flooring products from Nydree for their eating establishment.


The Informalist Restaurant

At the Informalist Restaurant in the Lismore Hotel, guests are greeted by cheery wait staff as they select meals from a farm-to-table menu. The food items are all purchased from local producers-- such as breweries, farms, ranches and fisheries -- to support community businesses. The Lismore Hotel wanted to adopt a more rustic, country theme to further elaborate on the farm-to-table menu concept, so they contacted Nydree Flooring to see what types of materials we could provide that would capture the essence of this design aspect.

After reviewing our portfolio of hardwood flooring, they selected our reclaimed oak wood flooring product line. The reclaimed oak flooring was placed in the main dining area, as well as Lismore's bar area called the Dive. They selected the natural oak finish in a random design pattern for the walking spaces and a herringbone pattern placed in a rectangle to highlight the tables in the seating area. With pendant lighting, recessed light sand rustic wooden tables, the Informalist Restaurant in the Lismore Hotel completely captures the country feeling with a more modern and elegant style.

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Reclaimed Oak Flooring at the Lismore Hotel

Reclaimed oak flooring from Nydree is real hardwood that has an aged appearance as it possesses rings and growths that make the flooring stand out to give the wood a more country appearance. In addition, using reclaimed wood not only gives a natural look to the room, it also helps businesses seek out more sustainable flooring products. This wood has already been used in other building projects as, during the demolishing, the wood was saved so that it could be reused over again in a different building.

Benefits of Nydree Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Another advantage to using Nydree flooring is that it is 300% more durable than standard wood flooring products due to its production process. We use an engineering process to place a layer of reclaimed oak wood on top of a core of plywood and a marine-grade birch substrate that is fused together. This process ensures the highest quality product with enhanced moisture resistance as well as dimensional stability. Additionally, when selecting reclaimed oak flooring from Nydree, contractors and builders could quickly install the planks into the Lismore Hotel without experiencing a significant project time.

Nydree flooring does not need to be acclimated to the indoor environment. So workers can install the flooring the moment it arrived on site without worrying about the indoor humidity or temperature affecting the boards to cause them to cup, warp or split. Selecting reclaimed oak flooring for its dining and bar spaces allowed the Lismore Hotel to better serve its customers while helping the environment. The wood flooring is strong and durable, so it will be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic from both guests and waitstaff. The flooring is also easy to clean,as spills and messes can quickly be wiped away without leaving noticeable stains and dirt marks that can happen more frequently with carpeting installed into restaurant locations.

Commercial Businesses Seek Top Quality Flooring with Added Benefits

When it comes to commercial flooring, hospitality businesses must take into consideration the functionality and design aspects of the products they select. They want a flooring product that can last for years and withstand all the punishment it will experience on a daily basis, and will still look beautiful as it captures all the design themes in the room. Nydree Flooring was eager to step up to the challenge in providing a unique flooring product that fulfills all of these requirements and provides additional sustainability aspects by being a natural product that does not impact the environment.

Guests staying at the Lismore Hotel and dining at the Informalist Restaurant can feel awed when walking into the room as the flooring patterns combined with the rest of the interior decorating features makes them feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their meal. For the owners of the Lismore Hotel, they can feel delighted over increasing the number of guests who dine longer at their eating establishment without worrying about the condition of their reclaimed oak flooring as they know that Nydree Flooring can stand up to the test of time.