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Our 5 Favorite Flooring Projects on the East Coast

by Jason Brubaker

East Coast architects can balance the look of their buildings with a design that will last for the long term — if they work with the right materials.

This is especially true when it comes to the flooring that commercial architects specify for their projects, which can go a long way to support the building’s design. From booming metropolitan areas in the North to charming, bustling cities in the South, here are some of the best flooring projects we’ve seen up and down the East Coast.

New York, NY

Tishman Speyer Studio

Coworking spaces have grown in popularity in the last few years, thanks to the rise of entrepreneurial programs and startup culture. There’s a focus on creating commercial spaces for communities — spaces that are both functional and environmentally conscious, especially in densely populated cities like New York.

According to a global market report from Research and Markets, “the development of sustainable coworking spaces is a major trend shaping the coworking spaces market. [They’re] implementing eco-friendly measures in the workplace to attract entrepreneurs concerned with environmental issues such as global warming. Sustainable practices adopted by the coworking space providers offer substantial benefits and are economically feasible.”

The flooring that architects choose for these kinds of spaces makes a big difference in the success of the design. This busy coworking space in Rockefeller Center has open areas for communal connection and private conference rooms for its members.

This project features our very own Nydree flooring, which offers LEED credits on projects where sustainability is a priority. Our engineered hardwood also gives the space a light, modern flooring design to support the vibrant coworking community.

Paoli, PA

Station Square 1

The hospitality industry is booming again after people have been stuck in their homes during the pandemic. Now more than ever, we need safe, beautiful spaces to escape to and to connect with others. For hotel owners, that means making guests more comfortable by keeping the building clean — which includes disinfecting floors and surfaces regularly.

This Station Square in Paoli, PA is a multifamily building with plenty of amenities for its members, and the engineered wood flooring used in the project helps to protect the style of the space. It will even stand up to the bustle of the Square’s busy lobby.

The sitting area design is elevated by the warm and inviting touch of wood. The engineered wood flooring from yours truly gives the building owner a beautiful foundation for the style of the space, and the floors are safe to be cleaned with bleach.

Durham, NC

A central staircase Durham Library, with Nydree Rift and Quartered White Oak Natural floorboards, and other sections of the library visible.

A city’s public library offers more than books to its surrounding citizens. “Their core mission is to help people elevate themselves and improve their situation”, writes Eric Klinenberg for Lit Hub. “Libraries do this, principally, by providing free access to the widest possible variety of cultural materials to people of all ages, from all ethnicities and groups.”

Nydree’s acrylic-infused wood flooring is the perfect addition to this modern library in Durham, NC, and gives the public space a warm and welcoming feel. The look of wood helps enhance the city’s library, creating a space for the community to gather, learn and thrive.

Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human Rights needed a distinctive look, and is now regarded as a masterpiece. Lonely Planet recommends the museum as one of the top 15 things to do in Atlanta, and the Center sees thousands of visitors each month.

Nydree’s high-traffic flooring helps to preserve the beauty of the building and gives the modern space a stylish, sturdy foundation for the Center’s impressive design. Even in Atlanta’s hot and humid climate, Nydree’s acrylic-infused engineered wood is built for decades of stability and durability.

Lititz, PA


The Wilbur Lititz Hotel is a historic building in the Pennsylvania town of Lititz. Once a chocolate factory, this space needed a renovation for its new purpose as a luxurious downtown hotel.

The designer of the hotel kept some of the brick details and original elements from the city’s chocolate factory. (The factory museum is next door.)

The engineered hardwood floors add to the new personality of the historic structure, and Nydree offers the design a reliable material that will support the functionality and style of the hotel for decades.

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Nydree flooring gives commercial architects a wide range of design solutions. From hotels to libraries, the highly durable engineered wood flooring gives building owners a product that they won’t have to maintain (or worry about) like traditional hardwood.

The acrylic-infused design is unlike any other wood flooring, and Nydree has helped designers everywhere with successful and stylish flooring solutions.

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