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How to Select the Perfect Wood Species

by Jason Brubaker

Hardwood flooring offers a beauty, durability and value that is unsurpassed by most other flooring choices. A wood floor in a retail space or corporate office creates a feeling of warmth and luxury. Use of hardwood flooring in museums, public spaces and educational buildings elevates the experience of visitors. Additionally using wood for flooring decreases the wear and tear of a floor in a high traffic area. But how do you choose the best wood species and find your perfect flooring? Start by considering the appearance and performance of various wood species and finishes.

Creating the Perfect Image

Flooring covers a vast amount of any space whether you are talking about a hotel, theater or showroom. It sets the tone for the entire design by creating a backdrop that pulls the space together. While we don’t often think about how the flooring should look in a space, this is a mistake. As people enter a building or room they typically watch where they walk, which puts their eyes directly on the ground. If incorporated correctly in a design, the flooring will establish the mood of those entering a space.

Things to Consider

In order to create the image that you are going for with flooring start by taking a look at the various species of wood utilized for flooring, ranging from red oak to birch.

You also have the choice between using reclaimed wood in place of virgin wood. When looking into reclaimed wood flooring you gain the ability to choose lumber with a history and character. However, by opting for reclaimed lumber for hardwood flooring in a commercial space, you are at the mercy of the market. The particular species that you want may not be available in a wide array of reclaimed planks. Consider the use of mixed types of hardwoods in this instance. This will allow you to use reclaimed wood as desired, while creating a one of a kind design thanks to a variety of wood types.

Once you have considered the different looks of wood, it is time to move on to characteristics of wood species. Choosing wood species based on looks involves several aspects including:

  • Color
  • Shade
  • Grain
  • Edging of the planks
  • Pattern of flooring
  • Texture of the finished product

Keep in mind that most species can be stained or painted to give you a color or shade that you desire. As for the grain of the wood you can get an idea of a grain pattern by looking at wood samples. However, you should note that this will only give you a suggestion of the wood grain patterning as each plank is unique in its hue. As for edging and patterning planks for wood flooring in a retail space or other commercial settings, this adds both value and intrigue to hardwood flooring.

In terms of texturing for a wood floor, you have a few options. The classic and traditional take on texture is a smooth and polished finish. This is best suited for a space that requires a timeless look. Distressing lumber for flooring is another popular texture option. In choosing distressed wood you can create the perfect rustic or country effect. A third option for textured wood flooring is the use of handcrafted lumber. The use of hand-scraped lumber provides a customized finish that can range from
rustic to contemporary, depending on your preferences.

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A Power Play with Hardwoods

In order to get the longest life out of wood flooring for a commercial space, you want a species that offers the greatest durability. Thankfully most wood species sourced for hardwood flooring are picked for their resilience in high traffic spaces. Therefore, in general, any hardwood you select will give you an advantage.

At the same rate if you want the hardest of hardwoods consider Oak, Maple or Hickory. These wood species have the highest hardness ratings and will stand up to the test of commercial flooring. On the other end of the hardness spectrum, you’ll find Birch, Walnut, and Red Oak. While these woods are perfect when used for hardwood flooring, they are slightly softer than the
harder hardwoods.

Another way to create the performance you demand from commercial flooring is by using acrylic infused wood for floors. This flooring is made from real wood integrated with acrylic. It creates a hardness that is 300 percent greater than typical hardwood flooring. For commercial spaces and high impact areas, the use of acrylic infused flooring is the ultimate achievement in strength
and durability.

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