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Stairs that Make a Statement in your Office

by Jason Brubaker

Stairs are functional in nature, designed to help people ascend or descend to a different flooring level. Minimally, any stairs in a corporate environment should be able to serve that purpose – and with durability. But some stairs stand out better than others and various types of stairs may be necessary depending on the office location and aesthetic style. Here’s a closer look:

Spiral Staircase

Not only are spiral staircases functional, but they’re space-saving and incredible sleek looking. While they can be outfitted to any office operating on more than one level, they’re perhaps most synonymous with large lobbies so that the staircase makes a statement. Walking in the main doors and seeing a grand set of spiral stairs immediately sets the tone for prospective clients and new hires. Spiral staircases can come in all different types of styles and can be made from all different types of materials – from wood to glass.

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Floating Staircase

Another stunning type of staircase is that of the floating stair, as they can truly open up an office lobby while awing visitors. Though the design is more modern in nature, floating stairs can be adapted to fit in any setting. One consideration with floating stairs, however, is that there’s often no structural requirement for a railing, which can impact offices from a safety perspective. This must be a consideration when deciding on stair type.

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Standard Staircases

While there’s nothing all that exciting about standard staircases in office spaces, that doesn’t mean that owners can’t do certain things to make them more cool and unique. This will take some creativity based on the look that a company is aiming for, but it’s certainly possible. For instance, an especially bold advertising agency might replace stair walls with fences, and use fence posts for rails to give off more of a grunge vibe. Alternatively, a corporate law firm may strive for a more elegant look and choose steps made of wood or luxury carpet. The options are truly endless, so business owners shouldn’t feel trapped into having to settle for standard staircases. Just get creative.

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Stairs serve two functions, they must be able to get people to different floors of a facility and they must be safe. A big part of stair safety is durability, and it’s something that cannot be underestimated, especially in a corporate environment where injuries could potentially lead to costly lawsuits. So when owners are choosing which materials to use, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re using one on their stairs that’s going to be able to stand up to substantial foot traffic and weight, as well as wear and tear over time. That’s where Nydree can help.

Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the power that stairs have in a corporate environment when it comes to creating a warm, inviting space for consumers. Stairs shouldn’t be an afterthought, and if they’re done the right way, they can actually be an attraction of sorts.

With Nydree stair treads, corporate offices can marry durability and safety with style. Acrylic infused stairs can handle heavy traffic and are easy to maintain, Contact a Rep today to learn more.