Our product is real wood with the added strength of acrylic throughout the top layer resulting in a product that is 300% more durable than standard wood flooring. This process transforms natural wood into a stronger, tougher floor. We invented the process in 1963 and continue to perfect it. Our proprietary technology allows our flooring to be used in some of the most prominent high traffic projects in the world.

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We chose Nydree for two reasons: durability and aesthetics. A highly durable finish was necessary because of the substantial foot traffic and event set-ups that the flooring would need to withstand. Nydree is also competitively priced and this was very helpful.

Kenneth Luker AIA LEED - Perkins + Will

Nydree Flooring’s product is a beautiful, natural product. It stands out because it is commercially rated. The floor is the anchor of the design, and it provides a sense of place for the hotel guest.

Adriane Caradine Adrian Caradine Contract Design
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