Achieve Your Perfect Office Floor with Engineered Oak

by Jason Brubaker

Hardwood floors remain a classic and highly valuable choice for business owners nationwide. Real wood floors bring a level of beauty and warmth into a space that many others floors simply can't achieve.

Despite there being a dizzying number of different species, finishes, and types to choose from, oak flooring remains one of the most popular options. And for good reason.

Oak flooring ticks every box when it comes to affordability, durability, and traditional appeal. It’s also a very stable species of wood that doesn’t expand or contract from moisture exposure like other species might. All of the best characteristics of this attractive wood are made even more impressive when you upgrade to engineered oak flooring.

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Engineered oak flooring maintains all of the characteristics you love about oak, but with increased durability and dent resistance, extended moisture resistance, and more efficient installation. This flooring was designed to handle high foot traffic, which means in an office setting, this truly is the ultimate wood flooring for busy spaces.

If you've been considering real oak for your office but want more durability, here are several different engineered hardwood flooring options to consider.

Create a Contemporary Scene With Plainsawn White Oak

When a contemporary style is the goal for your space, you can't go wrong with plainsawn white oak hardwood.

White oak is often favored over red oak for designs where a lighter-toned floor will work best. Many pro interior designers will opt for lighter floors in high-traffic rooms as the lighter shades show scratches, dirt, and dust less than dark floors.

Often a lighter floor will offer more versatility when it comes to furniture and wall paint compatibility. Rather than having a rosy hue, white oak is slightly more on the yellow-toned side. Plainsawn white oak is an excellent choice for anyone that wants a traditional oak floor.

Plainsawn Whiteoak Glacier Vign T1


Featured above is Nydree Plainsawn White Oak in Natural, a simple but attractive floor for those that want the wood to speak for itself.

Though white oak is yellow-toned, that doesn't mean all white oak flooring is golden in appearance.

Plainsawn Oakpacific Grey Vign


This cool, subdued floor is the same plainsawn oak in Pacific Grey option. Grey wood flooring has a trendy and modern look. The yellow tones aren't as apparent in the Pacific Grey as they are in the Natural option, but peek through enough to give the floor a touch of warmth.

Country Meets Urban Style With Reclaimed Oak

In contrast to contemporary interior design, urban styles tend towards bolder design. Reclaimed Oak Hardwood is the perfect fit for spaces with an urban or industrial theme.

Reclaimed oak has an incredible amount of character with stunning large rings from old age growth. This flooring choice is as appealing to wood lovers as it is to those that simply love a bold, unique floor.



Featured above is Reclaimed Oak in Cashmere Gray. This floor has a mix of red and yellow tones. Its rustic, aged appearance would look even more dramatic in a herringbone pattern.



If a darker look isn’t for you, consider Natural Reclaimed Oak. Its natural tone offers plenty of character with more grain, knots and wear than the plainsawn option.

Add Appeal With Rift and Quartered White Oak

Another way lumber mills alter the look of oak flooring is changing the way the lumber is sawn. Plainsawn oak is common, but when you want a truly unique floor you should look into rift and quartered options.

Rift and quartered wood is sawn in a way that gives the floor incredible texture, dimension and color. Rift planks are characterized by having long, straight grains, which has a modern feel. When planks are quartered it has a more abstract, busy grain pattern.

Rift planks are ideal for offices where you want a clean, attractive floor that doesn't distract from the rest of the room. Quartered planks are often better suited to a creative workspace where you're trying to achieve a unique atmosphere. You can also special order custom flooring that is only rift or only quartered.

Rq Whiteoak Starrynight Vign


Shown above is Rift and Quartered White Oak in Starry Night. You can clearly see variances between individual planks, some showing rift characteristics and other quartered.

Add a Touch of Rustic Charm with Distressed Wood

Not quite as dramatic reclaimed or heavily distressed wood, a wire brush treated option like TXTURE Oak is a great alternative for those that still want character in their wood floors.

Txtureplainsawn Whiteoak Natural Vig


This oak flooring has a welcoming, homey feel compared to other natural oak floors, perfect for a waiting room or lobby. It still maintains plenty of grain, character and varied tones, but the weathered effect from the wire brush treatment smooths it all out.

More Solutions with Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered oak flooring is not only an exceptionally beautiful hardwood choice, but offers more practical and cost-effective solutions than standard oak. This means your flooring will last longer, provide a healthier indoor environment, and require less maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.

If you have your heart set on oak, upgrade to engineered oak to ensure your new office floor stays stylish and beautiful for years to come.