Balboa Capital: Warm Design in a Modern Office Setting

by Jason Brubaker

Balboa Capital, an independent financing company in Costa Mesa, California, wanted to combine a warm, welcoming style within the feel of its tech-driven brand. Its corporate office was designed with productivity in mind, and the open space allows for collaboration and connection among employees.

The Challenges of Open Office Design

Designers and architects who create office environments know they’ll need to take into account the lighting, materials used, and the purpose of each individual space. Designing for a highly collaborative—but often chaotic—workplace environment can certainly come with some hurdles.

Designers for Balboa Capital address these open office challenges through careful space planning and the creative use of contrast and color.

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Within seconds of walking into Balboa Capital’s entryway, the eye is drawn toward the staircase. This grand structure commands the room, without overpowering the airy feeling that the open view of the second floor provides. Designers chose to incorporate very few furnishings in the lobby, making the space feel bigger.

Throughout the office, collaborative workstations provide areas for employees to step away from their desk and get productive team work done. High-top desks give this area a more fluid feel, rather than confining workers to a standard desk or cubicle.

The exposed ceiling beams and piping also help create the illusion that the space is larger and more dynamic, and allow for more natural light throughout the office.

Balboa 2

Balancing Color

White is often the first color of choice in open office settings. Since it reflects so much light, it can give the room a clean, airy feel.

But smart designers know how to use white without washing out the overall design. Balboa Capital’s office has the perfect balance of white walls, textures, and turquoise accents, helping to complete the theme of each room. Incorporating a bright, refreshing color like turquoise gives the space sophistication and balance. Subtle hints of this same color are used throughout the rest of the office, tying the entire design together.

Effective Lighting

Even with all the right materials in place, a room’s style can be completely overturned by the lighting.

In Balboa’s entryway, minimalistic light bar chandeliers add a perfect touch of warmth and brightness. The collaborative room uses spherical pendant lights, providing the space with a contrast of industrial and contemporary pieces.

The thoughtful use of lighting in the office helps to enhance Balboa’s sophisticated theme, without overpowering the company’s brand and style.

Balboa 1

Contrasting Finishes

Hardwood is used consistently throughout Balboa Capital’s office, in a few different applications.

The bright, clean lines of the entryway are complemented by the use of lighter hardwood flooring. In the lobby, hardwood cladding adds contrasting, beautiful detail, while providing texture and balance to the white background. Dark and light wood finishes create contrast and balance in the collaborative area of the office.

Warm Design in a Modern Office Setting

The Balboa Capital project is inspiration for seamlessly combining textures, colors, and light in open office environments.
Including elements of light and contrasting them with richer wood finishes helps to create a refreshing, collaborative place for individuals to work. Whether it be for a quick client visit or a full day in the office, this space allows for productivity and connection, without sacrificing any of the aesthetic style and design of a corporate office.